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Boson Integrated Mono-Amplifier


250 Wrms (8Ω), 400 Wrms (4Ω) of TYPE A+D

The Boson has scaling capabilities and can be integrated into the majority of existing listening room configurations. This is giving you more options in the system choices. The control of all the amplifiers of the system can be done with the front buttons of any of the Boson, the others replicating on the one touched, or by remote control or computer program.

Quark Integrated Amplifier

Our solution is unique. First, it offers the best of what transistors and tubes can mutually offer which means warmth, neutrality and power. Second, the Integrated Quark has a modular card for all the usable components of the system making it the first ecologically-minded HiFi amplifier in the world. Finally, it
offers the best warranty in the industry.

208 Wrms (8Ω),  332 Wrms (4 Ω) of TYPE A+D


Tachyon DAC

A revolutionary product made from science. The Tachyon dac is an extraordinary and musical new technology achievement. It play all moderne medias in the most neutral way. The utopist vision dedicate to a new era. Made with high-end components, eco-friendly and changeable modules, it's the first to fullfill all audiophiles resquests.

Digital audio converter 


Not just amazing sound: a monument of respect to the elements that constitute musicality with a realistic and precise image. The Cybela is at the top of the Venus Line. This is an authentic product designed by acoustics experts for those who truly seek emotions through sound.


The Cassiopée provides pure listening sensations. A unique experience that will appeal to the most demanding audiophiles. The smallest details are reproduced in an extremely natural and balanced way.



Laboratory services, oem products, research and development for our co-petitors

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