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Tachyon general informations

Eon Art and the Tachyon are the creation and implementation of Mr. Stéphane Hautcoeur. Research and development began in France in 2008 and continued in Canada until 2020. These 12 years offer us the Tachyon DAC.

The DAC offer an unprecedant stability with fiftheen alimentations, two conversions circuits, very high-end components. It let's you feel the sound neutral.. An ecology philosophy keeping up the fidelity level as brand new device by replacing usuable components all-at-once with depreciable modules.  

Intruments can be defines with all the georgeous range of details provided by digital and analog medias. It's a compelling acces to pure sounds. 

The digital audio converter

Complete immersion to a large music sonority flow. It's the most significative and advanced technology able to expose all the acoustic layers in a single moment.

First Class Design

Taking out the cradle on its rail system you immediately notice a new architecture. Made with expertise it is intended to make music; not only to push sounds. The components are carefully selected and tested in order to recreate a hearing experience identical to what you would have experienced during the recording.


The capacitors used on the path of the audio signal are all audiophile quality and bear the brands of recognized suppliers such as Amtrans, Clarity, Duelund, Mundorf and Solen. Those used in the most sensitive places are shielded. We ensured that their quantity was adjusted to provide no phase rotation and to use multiple complementary models with a different sound signature in order not to exacerbate it. We thus avoid the usual problems with the use of capacitors and guarantee the utmost neutrality of their action on the music.


Since 2018, Eon Art Canada is the only amplifier company that has managed to produce an architecture that optimize the selection of its components with a super-computer simulation-assisted design process which allows to optimize the value and the choice of components. This results in a tube sound, that is, with details, image, and emotions without being limited to high efficiency loudspeakers that would otherwise be needed. It is admited that, the great force exclusive to the Boson, is also to be able to drive loudspeakers with difficult behavior without the traditional compromises.

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