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Quark general informations

Our solution is unique. First, it offers the best of what transistors and tubes can mutually offer which means warmth, neutrality and power. Second, the Integrated Quark has a modular card for all the usable components of the system making it the first ecologically-minded HiFi amplifier in the world. Finally, it offers the best warranty in the industry.

The Quark is a system that is scalable to all existing listening room configurations and offers full control to the user. The front panel controls are supplemented by remote control and software application.

Eon Art amplifiers only uses proven, tested technologies in its systems, including some from the marine, medical and jet fighter worlds. We hope to be able to find our amplifiers in a growing number of yachts.


Capacitors used on the path of the audio signal are all audiophile-quality and bear the marks of suppliers of the likes of Amtrans, Clarity, Duelund, Mundorf and Solen. Those used in the most sensitive places are shielded. We have ensured that their quantity is adjusted to make no phase rotation and to use multiple complementary models with a different sound signature so as not to exacerbate it. We thus avoid the usual problems with the use of capacitors and guarantee the most neutrality of their action on the music.


Eon Art Canada is the only amplifier design firm that has succeeded in producing an architecture that is optimized for its selected components and their position in the circuits. Computer simulations assisted design and optimization by a super-computer allows us

to choose the best values and type of components. This results in a tube sound, that is to say with details, image, and emotions without being limited to high efficiency loud-speakers that would otherwise be needed. The available power of the Quark is one of its unique assets making it ideal for loud-speakers that are known to have a difficult behaviour.

Volume control ultra low distortion

The volume intensity of the amplifier is controlled by a set of thin metal film resistors that are high stability, high precision and medical grade selected by transistors. The complete absence of relay and mechanical potentiometer, as well as the circuit topology, guarantees a lower rate
of distortion than all of the competitor volume controllers, without any mechanical wear.

Quality Control

After its components are soldered each circuit board undergoes rigorous automated testing using specific computer analyzers. The devices are then tested for endurance and stability for twenty-four hours at full power under the eye of a 64-channel M300 acquisition central. An Audio Precision Analyzer is used to prove that each amplifier reproduces complex musical signals according to the specific performance points we have selected and the most rigorous standards in the industry. Both the steps of the assembly and the qualitative process are documented and signed off by the various stakeholders on a certificate to that will be supplied to the owner as a reference.

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